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Month: December 2015

seafood pan

find an ovenproof form and fill it with seafood you like. i love to use scallops, scampi and a seafood mix you can buy frozen. cover all with olive oil and add crushed garlic, lemon and chillies as you like. salt it and put it in the ovn at 180°C for 10min. img_20151114_162911-640x640.jpgserve it with fresh bread.

decorate it with some dill or parsley after it’s done.




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braised beef or lamb

grab a high rib or a breast of beef or, like in my case, a leg of lamb. salt the meat on all sides, not too less, and put it in a casserole. cover it completely with red wine and add whole smashed garlic and rosemary. set the lock on and leave it in the ovn for 4 hours at 160°C.

only thing you need for serving is fresh bread and another bottle of wine…. enjoy!







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chocolate tarte

dough: beat 5 egg yolks and 5 whole eggs with 125gr. sugar to a foamy mixture. melt 250gr. dark chocolate together with 250gr. butter at low temperature. blend it to the egg mixture and add 50gr. of flour.

bake it at 165°C for 20-25min. in a prewarmed ovn.

topping: boil up 400ml cream with 300gr. dark chocolate to a ganache. spread out the ganache over the warm cake…










i love it with some seasalt on top or as a cake with Nutella between the layers…


sure, i love my KitchenAid and all that nice stuff… but,


… what happened if you need a baking brush to give your warm apple-pie an apricot glaze while your own brush is at home?

DIY! just grab the decoration from the restaurant or steal it from your neighbour’s garden.

i found some straw decoration for christmas and fixed it with plastic film to a proper working brush. plastic film works also perfect if you need a custom-made belt for your trousers…

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vegan pancakes

for these 4 small pancakes i used 2 tablespoons flour, 1 tablespoon maize (corn) starch, 1 teaspoon baking powder, some sugar and vanillasugar. i used oatmilk until i had a creamy mixture, not that fluid. you can also use soymilk,


cocosmilk, ricemilk, whatever.


just put a little bit oil in a semi hot pan and turn over carefully. when the surface have the color you love –  it’s done!

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vegan & glutenfree mint muffins

you need 4 cups polenta, 2,5 cups cocosmilk, 1,5 cups sugar, 1 cup cocosflakes, 1/2 cup maize (corn) starch, 1 tablespoon baking powder. fresh mint and fresh spinach. frozen spinach works as well.

mix mintimg_20151122_132608-640x640.jpg, spinach and cocosmilk with a blender. put all ingredients in a bowl and mix it! that’s it!

175°C in 20-25min.

my topping was lemonjuice with icing sugar.




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