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green crêpes with creamed goat cheese, tomato pesto & rucola

green crêpes: 100ml milk, 100gr. flour, 1 egg, 50gr. fresh spinach leaves

mix the spinach together with the milk and make it green! add it to the flour and whisk it until all the flour is gone. add a whole egg. consistence should still be a kind of fluid so that the batter can easily spread over the ground of a round pan and cover it.

use semi heat and use a kitchen towel soaked with oil to moisten the pan. put a little of the batter in the middle of the heated and oiled pan and swing it until the batter covers the whole ground of the pan with a thin layer. just fry it without colour and turn around the crêpes after about 1 min. for another minute. done.

the colour of the spinach will be even more intense after the heating process.

tomato pesto: sundried tomatoes in oliveoil, garlic, oliveloil, pine kernel and salt. (works quite good without pine kernels)

roast pine kernels in a pan without fat until a lightly tan. mix them together with the tomatoes, some garlic cloves, salt and oliveoil with a hand-held blender. consistence should be soft and spreadable.


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