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red fruit compote, rote grütze, red fruit slightly stewed and thickend

you need: frozen red fruit of your choice (srawberries, raspberries, blueberries, blackcurrant, redcurrant, blackberries), sugar, redwine, clear apple juice or whatever juice you like…. , corn starch (maize), star anise and one vanilla pod

this compote is sooooo delish, fast and easy to prepare, cause you use the frozen fruit to cool this compote down to serving temperature by its own. at the same time you’ll keep most of the vitamins of the frozen fruit cause of the quick heat procedure.

caramelize white sugar in a pot, this is for more taste (cover the ground with sugar with a ca. 0.5cm layer). don’t use any mechanical stiring equipment, the caramel won’t get clear and crystallizes. wait until all sugar is caramelized and add as much redwine as you like. fill it up with apple juice or whatever and boil it until all caramel is melt away. amount of all fluids should be approx the same as the frozen berries you will use.

add the star anise and the vanilla pod, cutted lenghtwise in two. thicken it with maize (corn) starch, a little bit more than usually. put in all the frozen berries at the same time and take the pot from the heat. now you know why you should overthicken the stew, cause the frozen fruit will lost some fluid after thawing and thin out the compote a little bit.

you can serve it right away, just make sure that all berries are not longer frozen. you have a deep red glossy stew, perfect for vanilla ice cream or chocolate mousse.


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vegan & glutenfree mint muffins

you need 4 cups polenta, 2,5 cups cocosmilk, 1,5 cups sugar, 1 cup cocosflakes, 1/2 cup maize (corn) starch, 1 tablespoon baking powder. fresh mint and fresh spinach. frozen spinach works as well.

mix mintimg_20151122_132608-640x640.jpg, spinach and cocosmilk with a blender. put all ingredients in a bowl and mix it! that’s it!

175°C in 20-25min.

my topping was lemonjuice with icing sugar.




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